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Matisse Inspired


Matisse Inspired

It's been a busy week. I don't even know how it got to be Wednesday but here we are. I didn't get to write about this past Monday's art class at The Drawing Room until now. I said I'd write about it every week because every time I post about it, people ask more about the classes. I aim to please and I really think it's important to make sure everyone knows about the coolest everything. Everything there is to do, see, taste, make, sample, buy, try, wear, and drink. 

This week the class learned about Matisse. Here's a little history on Henri Matisse:

They had two teachers. The teachers don't just "tell" the class what to do- they give them a little history as they show them what to do. Then they send off to their work stations to do their own thing. This class made Matisse like collages. There were pictures of Matisse paintings up all over the classroom, like with the Blue Dog two weeks ago. The pictures are up for inspiration so the kids can see visuals of what they're supposed to be doing. 

They basically cut a lot of shapes out and glued them to their poster-sized "canvas". They got to pick the colors and shapes, cut them out, and then glue them on. 

I think this was a harder assignment for Ethan. It really pushed him. At five and a half to come up with the shapes, draw and cut them out, then glue them on was a lot. It's interesting because we always think in terms of doing physical activity to expend his vast wealth of energy. But after this particular class he was actually tired- physically and mentally. It was GREAT! I said to him that it was the third class, he's done three projects so far, and I counted them off. The Blue Dog, Still Life, and now Matisse collages. I asked which he liked best and he said he liked them all the best. I told him he's allowed to pick a favorite (he can be "fair" or "even" to a fault). He still said he really liked them all. 

I'm really proud of his concentration and progress in this class. Two hours might ordinarily be difficult at this age, and for a boy. But the class seems to whip by. I usually stay for about a half hour or forty-five minutes to take pictures and understand what they're doing. Then I go out for a little while and come back to do work on my computer in another room. I pop in and out just to see the progress and maybe take some more photos. He's always engaged, quiet, and enjoying making his creations, as are all the other kids. It's amazing to watch. 

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Finished "Matisse" collage

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