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About Us

The Drawing Room Art Studio is a privately owned art school run by six professional artists trained in a wide variety of specializations who live art and love teaching it. Our students, ranging from preschoolers to senior citizens, are all given an in-depth, age appropriate foundation in the principals and techniques of the creative process in an environment that is warm, educational and fun. Our programs encourage students to think outside the box, grow in creativity, and express themselves confidently.


Our Classes

We work in a multitude of media at the Drawing Room, where all materials are included in the tuition. Pencils, charcoal, pen and ink, Chinese brush painting, hard and soft pastels, watercolor, acrylic, tempera, oils, fire-able and self-drying clays, paper mache, design markers, mosaics, wood carving, collage and mixed media. We find creative uses for recycled materials incorporating them in printmaking and sculpture, teaching innovation and conservation.


An art education would not be complete without exposure to different artists-both traditional, masters and contemporary. We cover different periods in art as well as multiple cultures to give the students a well rounded experience in lessons and projects. We have volumes of references as well as multiple IPADs for student use.


The benefit of our multi-media style of instruction gives students the choice of experimenting before specializing and developing at their own pace. We emphasize the basic skills of drawing, painting and design, which are reinforced with each theme based project. Our instructors encourage each student in the pursuit of their own style while giving a solid foundation in principles and techniques.


Our Team

Our instructors have been trained at the finest art programs in the country; updating their skills at professional workshops, seminars and technical classes at the graduate level. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with their students, often becoming mentors during the students’ years of study and beyond. An NYC education in the suburbs!



Christine Zaccardi, Founder & Program DirectorChristine Zaccardi, Founder & Program Director

Christine Zaccardi, the founder and director of the Drawing Room, graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design. She worked for many years designing logos and marketing campaigns for a large printing company that serviced the tri-state area which included Fortune 500 companies as well as local businesses. Christine launched the Drawing Room to supply area artists of all ages with an outlet that provided NYC quality instruction minus the commute. Christine’s passion is painting, although she has a master’s eye for color, pattern and design. She is an enthusiastic teacher who goes the extra mile to provide the best art experience for students at every level of development. Christine loves art and people and is a fountain of resources, expert at bringing out the highest achievements in all students and is particularly astute in Portfolio Development.

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Nancy Diehl, Instructor

Nancy Diehl, Instructor

Nancy Diehl is an experienced artist and instructor who earned her BFA at the University of Hartford. Shortly after graduation, Nancy began her career in the art department at the ABC Network in NYC doing Computer Animation as well as other cutting edge design assignments. Nancy is a fine artist who is intuitive in her approach in teaching students of all ages drawing and skills as a foundation in all media. She is expert in developing projects with individual students and encouraging their own style while teaching fundamentals. Nancy works with all age groups and is especially adept at working with young children, portfolio students and commercial clients. She is especially gifted in getting students to work at their highest level, where their achievements exceed their initial expectation. Nancy continues to paint privately as well.


Patty Spinnler, InstructorPatty Spinnler, Instructor

Patty Spinnler, was accepted to Rhode Island School of Design but obtained a BS in Business Management, attending Montclair State, William Patterson College and Fairleigh Dickinson University. She had a very successful thirty year career as a Wall Street Trader. In her heart however, she was always an artist and a teacher who loves working with young children and specializes in mixed media as well as painting. Patty exudes enthusiasm and likes to get the students excited about experimenting with art. She loves color, pattern, texture and sculpture and gives her students unique experiences at every class. Patty references famous artists to give her students a look at what has been done, providing a vast array of materials to stimulate ideas for unique pieces of finished work.


Kymm Zak, InstructorKymm Zak, Instructor

Kymm Zak earned her BFA at the School of Visual Arts and spent many years teaching underprivileged students in impoverished areas. She also ran her own Graphic Design Business before coming to the Drawing Room as one of the original teachers. Kymm’s design abilities are very strong and she can be depended on for having the vision to make something extraordinary out of the ordinary. She will not allow her students to “settle”, encouraging them to think deeply as well as intuitively when designing a project. Kymm has the uncanny ability to stimulate the imagination of those in her classes, encouraging high levels of success in multiple media. Kymm’s favorite media is collage, which involves specific skills such as pattern and design but also an avant-garde way of looking at things. Kymm is excellent in developing portfolio projects that exceed expectations and help students gain entrance to colleges of their choice.



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